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     Our objective is to provide only products of the very best quality for consumers. This is why our suppliers are manufacturers crafting products of the highest quality and using the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our partners are companies interested in continuous improvement and optimization of manufacturing, developing new types of products, improving taste properties and conditions for product storage. Our suppliers provide a constantly upgraded and unique assortment with an exceptionally high standard of products sold. Our suppliers are our pride, thus our partnership work meets the very highest standards and demands.    

  The main objective of the procurement division (subdivision working with all suppliers) is mutually beneficial collaboration, built on a long-term basis. It should be stressed that our relations with suppliers involve flawless compliance with the existing laws of the Russian Federation. Our main principles of cooperation with partners:

      •     Trusting, honest relationships based on mutual help

      •     Long-term partnership on favorable conditions for both sides

      •     Achieving friendly rapport

      •     Flexible negotiations

      •     Diligent and exact fulfillment of agreements

      •     Adherence to international norms for business relations

   We are always open to cooperation and ready to explore a rang of commercial offers from providers of products and services.